Tax havens

Protect your business from another COVID

Protect your assets and save your taxes with us The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 all over the world has disturbed the political, social, economic and financial structures. Many businesses were unable to continue their operations because of the significant losses. We at IBCCS constantly work to help our clients protecting their assets and provide solutions to …

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Why companies & individuals go offshore?

There are various benefits for companies and individuals going offshore, but the most popular one is the possibility to reduce or avoid taxes. Tax avoidance was, is, and will be the most important reason for going offshore. We can mention some other reasons like e.g. protection of assets, holding of investments, using the offshore company …

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Offshore financial centre – defined

There are many debates on how the ‘offshore financial centre’ should be defined. Should people say ‘offshore centre’, ‘tax haven’, ‘low tax jurisdiction’, ‘offshore zone’ or the other combination? And what do they really mean? They all relate to similar area, but there are slight differences between some of them (which I will explain in …

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