Protect your business from another COVID

Protect your assets and save your taxes with us

The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 all over the world has disturbed the political, social, economic and financial structures. Many businesses were unable to continue their operations because of the significant losses.

We at IBCCS constantly work to help our clients protecting their assets and provide solutions to lower taxation and gain profits despite the pandemic in a very secure and confidential manner.

For us every client is unique – this is why we always offer flexibility to ensure that all the services are designed according to the needs.

Get in touch with us if you need help with:

  • Protect your personal and business assets with setting up an entity abroad
  • Open bank accounts abroad to diversify and protect your money
  • Lower your taxes by moving your business to tax-friendly country in a time-efficient manner with lower costs
  • Choosing the right jurisdiction for your business
  • Register your business remotely

We will help you to choose the jurisdictions that allow you doing business with no bureaucracy, fast registration, stable legal & tax system, and low taxation. In this way you can focus on doing business instead of wasting your time on procedures, compliance and constant dealings with accountants. 

Contact us for more details!