On 22 December 2021, the European Comission published the Proposal for a Council Directive 2021/0434, also known as the Anti tax Directive III („ATAD III“), with the stated intention being to prevent the misuse of so-called „shell“ entities for the tax purposes. ATAD III  aims to highlight the importance  of minimal substance requirements and is  applicable to […]

Protect your business from another COVID

Protect your assets and save your taxes with us The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 all over the world has disturbed the political, social, economic and financial structures. Many businesses were unable to continue their operations because of the significant losses. We at IBCCS constantly work to help our clients protecting their assets and provide solutions to […]

Implementation of CRS in Cyprus as of 1 January 2016

IBC Corporate Solutions

In order to protect the integrity of tax systems and the fight against tax avoidance, governments around the world bring the standard automatic exchange of information in tax matters called Common Reporting Standard (CRS). The CRS is a set of global standards for the automatic exchange of financial information, developed by the Organization for Economic […]