Tax treatment of rental income from online platforms (Airbnb, Booking etc.)

In Cyprus the real estate is booming. We observe a growing number of investments– especially in properties destined for rentals. When owning a rental property, it is crucial to know and understand the tax implications of rental income. The short-term rental market also experiences a significant increase. The Cyprus Tax Department recently clarified that the […]

Amendment to the Special Defence Contribution Law

Special Contribution for Defence (SDC) is dictated on income earned by Cyprus tax residents. On 9 June 2023, amendments to the Special Contribution for the Defence Law were published in the Cyprus Government Gazette amending the obligation to pay the SDC withheld on rents in two semi-annual installments instead of monthly payments. Every person who is obliged […]

New Non-Domiciled Rules in Cyprus

Non-dom Cyprus

Forward As part of the overall exertion to improve Cyprus’ attractiveness as an international business and financial center, and in order to remain highly compliant as a traditional jurisdiction, the House of Representatives on 16 July 2015 passed a number of new laws. One of the changes, introduced the new status of a “non-domicile” (non-dom) […]