London Office Opening – Announcement


At IBCCS we are happy to announce the opening of our London office in order to enhance our presence within the region and further augment our services for clients in one of the world’s most influential financial centres, to offer our professional services which include:

  • Registration and management of companies and partnerships;
  • Legal & tax advisory;
  • Accounting, VAT administration, payroll services;
  • Virtual office services;

We are located at Craven House, 40 – 44 Uxbridge Road, W5 2BS London. For enquiries please contact us on [email protected] or on a direct call on +44 20 7060 5505. Other offices of IBCCS are located in Cyprus and in Poland.

In addition to the services performed locally in the above-mentioned jurisdictions, through our established network of trusted partners, we provide services in many other reputable jurisdictions, some of them being Malta, Latvia, Luxembourg, Switzerland and last but not least: United Arab Emirates.