Apply for Residence Permit / Yellow Slip

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Apply for Residence Permit / Yellow Slip

At IBCCS Tax, we understand the importance of securing a stable foothold in Cyprus, particularly for European citizens intending to live, work, or establish a business in this thriving Mediterranean economy. Our expertise in handling the Yellow Slip application process, the Registration document for European (EU and EEA) citizens, ensures your transition into Cyprus is as seamless as possible.

The Yellow Slip, aptly named for the yellow paper on which it’s printed, is more than just a residence permit. It grants holders access to the same rights and benefits enjoyed by Cypriot citizens, including access to the healthcare system, labor market, and business opportunities.

Within the Yellow Slip framework, there are two commonly used forms: MEU1 and MEU2. MEU1 applies to EU members and their family members, who are also European citizens, while MEU2 is for non-European family members of EU citizens and third-country nationals.

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Planning, implementation, & compliance

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Our experienced immigration team will guide you through the application process, ensuring your paperwork meets all requirements. While these requirements may vary slightly depending on your specific circumstances, they generally include:

  • Fully completed Application forms MEU1 or MEU2
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Certified and translated Marriage Certificate, if applicable
  • Certified and translated Children’s Birth Certificates, if applicable
  • Rental agreement or sale agreement of a house/apartment, with a minimum duration of one year, certified by a Muhtar or certifying officer
  • Bank statements from a bank account in Cyprus or abroad
  • Employment confirmation letter and a payslip if working abroad
  • If employed in Cyprus, you’ll need: a. Confirmation letter from employer b. Social Insurance Registration and annual income certificate c. Employer’s signature and stamp on the application form
  • Health insurance (not required if working in Cyprus)

Our team at IBCCS Tax stands ready to simplify your Yellow Slip application process, ensuring all requirements are met and potential challenges are addressed proactively. By entrusting us with your application, you’re freeing up time and resources to focus on your main goal – making a success of your new life or business venture in Cyprus. Let us guide you through this process and help you join the thriving community of international residents in Cyprus.

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