Immigration Services

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Immigration Services

Navigating immigration regulations can be daunting, particularly when it pertains to the world of business. At IBCCS Tax, we provide comprehensive Immigration Services, tailored to facilitate your transition into Cyprus smoothly and efficiently. Our services range from applying for Residence Permits and Non-Domicile Status to securing Temporary Residence Permits.

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Planning, implementation, & compliance

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As a European Union member state, Cyprus allows EU citizens to live and work freely within its borders. However, you’ll need a Residence Permit, commonly known as a Yellow Slip, to officially register your stay. Our experienced immigration team can assist you throughout this process, managing all paperwork and liaison with immigration authorities, and ensuring your application meets all legal requirements.

If you’re considering relocating to Cyprus, applying for Non-Domicile Status can offer significant tax benefits. This status exempts non-domiciled residents from paying taxes on certain types of income, including dividends and interest. Our specialists guide you through the application process, providing expert advice to ensure you qualify and can reap the potential tax benefits.

For non-EU citizens wishing to extend their stay in Cyprus beyond the typical three months, a Temporary Residence Permit, known as a Pink Slip, is required. This application process can be complex, demanding a deep understanding of immigration regulations. Our experts provide support at every step, ensuring your application is accurately completed, the necessary documentation is gathered, and any potential hurdles are preemptively addressed.

At IBCCS Tax, we understand the intricacies of Cyprus’s immigration regulations and the challenges they can pose to businesses and individuals. Our commitment to delivering personalized, professional services ensures a seamless immigration process, enabling you to focus on your business operations or personal transition. Trust us with your immigration needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with dedicated, expert support.

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