Extension to the filing date of Income Tax Return (IR1 2022)

We would like to inform you that the deadline for the submission of the 2022 Personal Income Tax Return (T.D. 1 Form) in Cyprus has been extended until 2 October 2023, as per the decree (No.183/2023) issued on 9 June 2023.

The extension also applies to the payment of the related income tax due via self-assessment.

Usually, the deadline for submitting tax returns and paying income tax for tax year is July 31 of the year following the tax year.

It is noted that employees, pensioners and self-employed individuals without Financial Statements, whose gross total income for the tax year 2022 exceeds the amount of €19,500 are also subject to the obligation to submit a personal income tax return for tax year 2022.

Why do you need to file IR1?

  • All tax resident in Cyprus must file a personal income tax return (Article 5 of the Income Tax Law);
  • To obtain documents from the tax department such as: TRC certificate. Income tax submission is necessary in order to maintain your tax residency each year;
  • Also, banks usually request it for loans and due diligence reasons.

Electronic payment

Payment of the tax due must be made electronically through Tax Portal, either by credit/debit card payment or by online banking payment.

Need help with your personal tax return?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information about the individual tax or assistance in calculating and submitting the return.

Please contact us by email on info@ibccs.tax or call our office in Cyprus on +357 222 58 777.