First EU Legislation on cryptocurrency: MICA

On 20th of April 2023, the European Parliament has finally voted and adopted the new legislative changes in the European Union concerning cryptocurrency in the form of the Markets in Crypto Assts (MICA) Regulation. Moreover, since MICA is the Regulation, it is directly applicable among the Member States without a need for any additional transposition […]

Tax Residency Certificate: Why do you need it?

Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) is a certificate issued by Cyprus Tax Authorities confirming the tax residency of the person in the Republic of Cyprus in a relevant year and is required for the purposes of benefiting from the application of double tax treaties and be in compliance with the local tax requirements. Some of the […]

Proposal for VAT legislation concerning the new buildings and apartments

When purchasing a new property in Cyprus, a buyer pays 19% VAT, which is a standard rate. However, for a purchase of a secondary property or a new one from developer, which has construction permit issued before 1st of May 2004 – the buyer is not obliged to pay VAT. The enactment of the Law […]

Cyprus Companies Law: provisions which you should know about

Prohibition of acting as sole director and secretary As per to the Companies Law, Cap 113 (the ‘Law’), every company in Cyprus is obliged to have a director and secretary, noting that the latter is responsible for the efficient administration and operations of the company as well as compliance with local legal requirements. However, as […]

How third country nationals can be employed in Cyprus? Foreign company formation 

Non – EU citizens can be eligible for the employment in the Republic of Cyprus providing if they are employed at the foreign entities. The scope of “foreign entities” refers to the instances where: Most importantly, this type of visa, contrary to Temporary Residential Permit or Permanent Residential Permit, allows a third country national to […]

Restriction on Employment for Third Country Nationals in Cyprus

Based on the Aliens and Immigration Regulation 14, the third – country nationals, who obtain the temporary residential permit in the Republic of Cyprus as visitors, are not allowed to engage in any employment and business activity. Moreover, as from 01/01/2023, The Department of Register of Companies of Cyprus may disclose information about third country […]

New EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes

By the virtue of the European Council’s decision on 14 February 2023, the EU list of non – cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes has been revised and updated by including the following countries: Russia, Costa Rica, British Virgin Islands and Marshall Islands as the “black listed” jurisdictions. This means that the countries failed to comply […]

Electronic signature and its legal recognition in Cyprus

For all our clients, who are not able to be physically presented and sign the document, which requires a specific form and/or when the identity of the person should be identified, the qualified electronic signature is the best and effective alternative. By virtue of the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 incorporated into Cyprus national legal system through […]

Legal obligations and current changes in the offshore jurisdictions

The recent changes in the offshore jurisdictions for the companies as well the main legal obligations are important to be analysed for those, who are planning to incorporate a company or already have the company in the offshore jurisdiction. In the corporate context, an offshore entity is the company, which business activity takes place outside […]

Imposition of 0.4% Tax on Cyprus immovable property sales and shares

On 27 October 2022, the law regulating the levying of a 0.4% tax on all sales of immovable property with the proceeds going to financially support Greek Cypriot refugees has been published in the Official Gazette by that amending the provisions of the Central Agency for Equal Distribution of Burdens (Creation, Objects, Responsibilities, and Other […]