Notary Services

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Notary Services

Notary services for the purpose of authenticating documents and affirmation of certain legal deeds are not available in Cyprus. As an alternative in the Republic of Cyprus, it is possible to certify signature/s by a certifying officer, an individual who is appointed and regulated by the Ministry of Interior, a service that our firm may assist with.

However, this certification may not always be sufficient, for instance, if a document that has been issued in Cyprus will be used in another jurisdiction, its legalization via Apostille may be required.

For Apostille services please refer to the relevant section.

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Common certifying services in Cyprus include:

  • Powers of Attorney,
  • Contract authentication,
  • House rental contract authentication,
  • Transfer of property at the Cypriot Land Register.


Can passports be certified?

No, in Cyprus a certifying officer cannot certify the copy of the passport.


However, your lawyers can certify the authenticity of a document (“true copy”) or the relevant competent authorities that have issued the said document. The certifying officer can certify the authenticity of the signatures present on the documents.


IBCCS Tax can provide you with all the services, including certifying documents and having them apostilled as well as certification on a passport and/or an ID, from our associate lawyers.

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