Search the Registrar of Companies

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Search the Registrar of Companies

The Registrar of Companies maintains a file for every business entity registered in the Republic of Cyprus where all the details that have been notified and filed with the Registrar of Companies are kept.

It is the authority of the Republic of Cyprus to maintain a reliable register of all business entities registered there.

The Registrar of Companies which is the official website for companies provides easy access to any information that needs to be obtained for a company.

Additional information

Upon payment, you may conduct a detailed search in the electronic file of the business entity of your choice, wherein all historic data filed with the Registrar of Companies is kept, starting from the business entity’s registration date and up until the search date.

  • Name (history)
  • Registered office address (history)
  • Directors and secretaries (history)
  • Members (history)
  • Share capital (history)
  • Charges and mortgages (post year 2000 registrations)
  • Overview of all filed documents

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contents of a Cyprus Company Search

  • Organisation name
  • Registration date
  • Organisation type
  • Organisation status
  • Registered office address of company
  • Name of current directors and secretary/partner/owner of business name
  • Preview of pending services for filing to the register
  • Preview of documents filed
  • Last annual report filing date

Any person can have access to these documents without being charged.

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