Apostille on a Document

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Apostille on a Document

Apostilles authenticate the seals and signatures of officials on public documents. 

The certificate (form) known as apostille, which is added and affixed to the document is completed, signed and stamped by an authorized Officer of the Ministry, so that the Cypriot public document can be sent abroad.

It is basically needed for everybody who is planning to travel abroad.

All countries that have joined the Hague Convention can legalize paper in this way.

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Planning, implementation, & compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Extracts from the commercial register of Cyprus
  • Documents issued or certified by a notary
  • Documents issued by the courts of Cyprus: sentences and judgments
  • Document translations
  • Official documents issued by the authorities of Cyprus
  • Educational documents: certificates, certificates and diplomas
  • Powers of attorney, wills, donation documents
  • Copies of documents certified by a notary
  • Other government documents.

    Attention! Customs, diplomatic, consular documents and passports are not subject to apostille.

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In Cyprus the apostilles are issued  Greek, Turkish or English.


The authenticity of the documents is verified first, then the apostille is put.

Where is the apostille valid?

Apostille is recognized only in the member states of the Convention.

How long does the apostille take?

It can be done within 1 working day after receiving the original document.

IBCCS TAX can deal with the apostille of your documents.

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